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We've stopped trading, but we're so glad you've visited us anyway.
We hope you'll enjoy having a browse through the galleries.
A great big thank you goes out to all those who've made purchases from us over the years.
We are forever grateful for your support, and we hope this won't turn out to be the end of this journey for us.
Again, thank you so much for visiting. We hope what you find here will bring joy to your day.
With our very best wishes,
Diana and Samantha

Paintings and drawings from the galleries at Diana Shaul Fine Art
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Paintings and drawings by Diana Shaul,
with stories by Samantha Shaul

Welcome to Diana Shaul Fine Art.

So glad you've found your way here! We hope you'll enjoy viewing the paintings and drawings you'll find on this website, and reading the stories that you'll find alongside them. It isn't a full catalogue, but we hope the website will give you a flavour of our work.

We'd love you to visit us in person too, and you can do that at our market stall in London. There's more information about that here.

In the meantime, thanks for being here,

Diana and Samantha

P.S. If you have kids in your life or are just in need of a giggle, please do also pay a visit to Stories for My Little Sister ( It's where we publish our original stories for children. And, yes, they really are free of charge!