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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

The Heart of Imperfection

Original painting of a summer garden featuring a wooden bench and flowers.

Story: There is no such thing as perfect. There's always a hair out of place, a loose bolt, a smudge, something small that's somehow wrong. Here, flowers are the subject of grand design, carefully chosen for colour and shape, and everything has been planted to plan. And yet at this point, careful cultivation has given way to wild abandon, and Mother Nature has had her way, her only tools pelting rain and the hot summer sun. And now bushes grow bigger than they should, and stems curve over the path, and flowers splash their colours about in places unexpected. And on the bench in the middle of it all, I find my perfect place, in the heart of imperfection.

Media: Acrylic

Surface: Créa papier dessin (200gsm)

Size: 65cm x 50cm (25.59" x 19.69")