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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

Spring's Celebration

A wooden bridge spans a small pond in this springtime scene. Original painting.

Story: The pond is small, and although I could easily walk around it, I choose to cross over the wooden bridge, my purpose just to stop when I reach its centre and look at the reflections of the blossom trees and the sky in the water. The blues and pinks and greens move with the gentlest whisper of the breeze, their shapes and patterns ever-changing, and I notice that the brightly coloured flowers that grow at the water's edge lean in just like me, as if they too wish to catch a glimpse of the view. When I can bear to tear myself away, I walk on slowly, but I can't avoid the low-hanging blossoms, and pink petals rain down on me like confetti. This is spring's celebration. I feel lucky to have been invited.

Media: Acrylic and mixed media

Surface: Box canvas

Size: 20cm x 38cm x 1.5cm [depth]; 7.87" x 14.96" x 0.59" [depth]