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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

Finding the Gold

Original painting in rich, vivid colours of London's Serpentine Bridge in autumn.

Story: I watch the lake waters, no longer dominated by the crystal blue of summer skies, but streaked with the colours of jewels, reduced to a supporting role by the great director that is autumn. Or is 'reduced' the wrong word? Have they actually become something bigger than themselves, stealing the show, their own beauty enhanced by teals and reds and pinks and golds on loan to them for the season? I should like to think that's true, that all things in this life, even people, may be made better by the changes around them, that seeing the best in them is just a matter of looking for light and shade, the right colours at the right moment, and finding the gold.

Media: Acrylic and watercolour

Surface: Acrylic paper

Size: 75cm x 55cm (29.53" x 21.65")