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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

Always Open

An flower arbour arches over an open gate in this original painting of a garden under a bright blue summer sky.

Story: This is how the gate was when I first came to view the house. Open, that is. It was the bright summer colours of the flowers around the arbour that arches above it that drew my eye, but the gate that commanded my attention. I could imagine myself walking through it to a home that would always welcome me back. But equally, I could picture times when I would stride in the opposite direction, keen to set off on my next adventure, looking beyond the flowers and up at the sky. I knew as soon as I saw the gate that this was the place for me. Sometimes you'll find me here, tending to the garden and working so hard that those little splashes of colour become my whole world. Other times you'll find me gone, off exploring new horizons. The gate is always open. A home needn't hem you in.

Media: Acrylic and mixed media

Surface: Box canvas

Size: 20.32cm x 25.4cm x 1.5cm [depth]; 8" x 10" x 0.59" [depth]