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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

A Boat Abandoned

An abandoned rowboat bobs on the water in the moonlight. Original painting.

Story: The sky is grey but calm, as if the storm that had been coming is going to pass through, leaving the land untouched. The moon and the stars are out, bright white lights over the water. On the coast opposite, I see the silhouette of a tree, its bare branches delicate and fragile. A rowing boat bobs on the water in the moonlight. It must've escaped its moorings some time ago. I imagine rowing out towards the tree, and suddenly that is something I want to do. The water is shallow here, and I wade in, undaunted by the cold. There is nothing more romantic than a boat abandoned.

Media: Acrylic

Surface: Paper

Size: 35.56cm x 25.4cm (14" x 10")