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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

The Hidden Door

Fantasy painting of a fairy at the hidden door to Fairyland.

Story: I alight almost silently, one foot and then the other, casting my glance backward briefly to make sure my arrival has gone undetected. I should be safe, of course, protected by wings the colour of the blossoms, the slightest flicker of movement easily attributed to the wind in the trees, but I must be certain that I have done nothing to reveal the secrets of our world.

The key is heavy in my hand, but that is as it should be with the key to a kingdom. I am tired, and now that spring is about to give way to summer, I may rest, but first I must pass the key to the one with wings of bright colours, she who slips between wild flowers and floats above meadows. So I shall turn the key and unlock the strongest of bolts and enter Fairyland through the hidden door.

Media: Acrylic and mixed media

Surface: Box canvas

Size: 20cm x 20cm x 1.5cm [depth]; 7.87" x 7.87" x 0.59" [depth]