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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

Future Treasures

Three tiny figures fill a chest with a lifetime's small treasures in this original painting.

Story: 'You'd better not be reading her diary, Sally! Now, come down here this instant and give me a hand with this shell. You wouldn't believe how big and heavy it is!'

'Well, you wouldn't believe the wonderful life she's going to live!'

'That's none of our business. You know the rules. It's our job to put aside the little bits and pieces that are going to mean something to her. We're not supposed to know the story they're going to tell. Now, give Tess a hand!'

'But, but, but—'

'That's quite enough, Sal. Although I must admit that I've been wondering how this feather's gonna figure into things.'

'It could be from her pillow.'

'Or her down jacket.'

'Or a gorgeous hat she'll wear on a special occasion.'

'It's actually more fun when we try to guess what's going to happen, don't you think?'

'We really ought to get back to the task at hand. Now, do we have everything?'

'Well, I can see the stuffed elephant.'

'And there's the fancy umbrella.'

'Did one of you put in the love letters?'

'Oh, they're so romantic!'

'Sally, not them as well!'

'I might've skimmed one or two!'

'Okay, let's not get distracted!'

'Probably best if we just tuck these last few things inside and close the chest, then.'

'Sally, the diary, please!'

'If I really must.'

'You must!'

'Aargh! Did you have to say that thing about closing the chest, Elsa? The words have started to disappear!'

'Well, you had to expect that. Her story has yet to be told.'

'I guess I'll have to wait to find out what happens.'

'Sal, you know that's the way it is for us. We are but safekeepers.'

'Safekeepers of future treasures!'

'That's right. Now this chest needs to be closed!'

Media: Acrylic and mixed media

Surface: Box canvas

Size: 21cm x 15cm x 1.5cm [depth]; 8.27" x 5.91" x 0.59" [depth]