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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

Somewhere in the Tangle

Tree branches adorned with blossoms criss-cross the sky. Original painting in acrylic.

Story: Some see blossoms as reminders of innocence, those fragile small petals with their little blush of pink on white naturally presumed to be simple and straightforward. But when I stand under the tree and look up, I see something complex and confusing: a criss-cross of branches across the sky that make their own shapes for their own reasons. And they remind me that in this world things are always complicated – even when we think they oughtn't to be so. But don't we find the beauty of the blossoms somewhere in the tangle? And isn't it much the same with life?

Media: Acrylic

Surface: Cartridge paper (acid-free, 220gsm)

Size: A2 (23.4" x 16.5"; 59.4cm x 42cm)