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Original Paintings and Drawings

Becoming a Queen

A young woman sits next to a lion, the pair surrounded by jewels and a variety of useful objects. Original painting.

Story: 'You venture to my lair with a shadow about you, as if you think you are not worthy of jewels of any description. Speak to me, child, for your feet would not have brought you here unless destiny intended you to find this place at this time. Tell me what it is that sets your heart racing, and I shall retrieve for you the treasure that will lead you to the domain over which you are set to rule.'

'I look around and truly I am puzzled. It was my understanding that you would simply give me some sparkly stones, or perhaps even a crown, and send me on my way.'

'Well, every case is different – and not every king or queen must wear a crown. Jewels and treasures, by my definition, at least, come in many forms. Why, just last week someone collected a typewriter. And about a month ago, a piano was wheeled out of here. One of these objects must mean something to you. But if I am to place anything at all in your custody, I must learn what you're all about.'

'I know I want to make a difference. I want to make the world a better place.'

'Ah, a kind and generous spirit. My dear, that's a wonderful start!'

'But I have no particular talents – just a mind that's always hungry. I mean, I love to learn new things. Oh, and I cherish the society of others. Does that tell you anything?'

'You're ready but you don't know it. That happens from time to time. Your hand rests on that black case as if it ought to be in your possession, as if your heart knows that it is to be yours. For your character it is an excellent fit. I think so, and I'm generally right. You're not afraid of hard work, I hope, because that will be required!'

'How can you be so sure? I'm not sure myself!'

'Perhaps you think you shouldn't aim so high. Perhaps you're afraid you won't succeed. But the only shame would be if you didn't try. Imagine all that you wouldn't achieve! Take the case away with you. Open it as soon as you can. The contents will come as no surprise to you. They will make sense in the way that only right things can. All you need to know now – and I speak figuratively, of course – is that inside the case are the keys to the place where you will one day be queen.'

Media: Acrylic and mixed media

Surface: Box canvas

Size: 10" x 12" x 0.59" [depth]; 25.4cm x 30.5cm x 1.5cm [depth]