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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

A World of Wonderful Things

A whimsical original painting in which a mother and daughter stand beside an old tree and observe animals in wonder.

Story: I brought you here because so many think the beauty of this tree has been lost, a casualty of time. But I want you to be the sort who notices beauty where others see none, the sort who examines and explores and makes up her own mind.

So watch as the butterflies dance in mid-air. They trust me enough to alight on my hand! Now look across to the side opposite where we stand. Do you see that the fox is keeping a watchful eye on things? He keeps to himself, that one. But that little squirrel wants to meet you, for sure. She's a bit shy, but if we hang around for a while, she'll pluck up the courage to say hello. Turn around! Slowly does it, no sudden moves! See there, behind us? That rabbit's come out of hiding just for you! Last but not least, cast your eyes up. There's an owl all the way up there, and just as we're watching him, he's watching us!

This tree is beautiful still. Though its life has been long, it's not done. It's a home, a shelter and a sanctuary – and it's a place where I like to come. It helps me remember that ours is a world of wonderful things. Finding them is up to us.

Media: Acrylic, graphite pencil and mixed media

Surface: Accademia Fabriano per Artisti acid-free natural grain drawing & watercolour paper (240gsm)

Size: 10.6" x 13.8" (27cm x 35cm)