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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

A Happy Day in the Woodland

A joyful original painting of woodland animals under a blossom tree.

Story: I can tell this is going to be a happy day in the woodland. Oh, I'm going to sleep through it, of course. But that's normal for an owl. Being nocturnal, I shouldn't even be awake now, but I so wanted to see how the deer were getting along – such a lovely family! I remember when that fine stag you see under the tree was nothing but a young buck, strong-willed and constantly testing his mother. You wouldn't know it to see him now, would you? Such a proud daddy! Oh, and don't think I haven't noticed how those two little bunnies keep stealing glances at one another. I think they'll be the next to fall in love. I'll ask that squirrel at the other side of the tree to keep an eye on them for me while I'm sleeping. This evening he'll be able to tell me all about their budding romance. I simply cannot wait! I'll speak to the squirrel, and then I think I'd better get some sleep! Ah, it's going to be a happy day in the woodland!

Media: Acrylic and mixed media

Surface: Box canvas

Size: 15cm x 21cm x 1.5cm [depth]; 5.91" x 8.27" x 0.59" [depth]