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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings


Drawing of a woman, limbs folded, symbolising the tangle in her mind.

Story: My thoughts won't untie themselves, not even in the shower, steaming hot water not enough to relax them into straight lines again. And I shrink against the wall, my legs pulled up protectively, knowing that I should get ready, yet not quite able to do so. When I notice my reflection in the mirror, I see hair curling about my face and down my back, arms and legs folded, my body reflecting the tangle of my mind, and I know that I cannot – must not – remain frozen this way. So I will straighten my limbs and run a brush through my hair, and outwardly, I will make everything look okay. And eventually, it will be.

Media: Ink, watercolour and graphite pencil

Surface: Cartridge paper (acid-free, 220gsm)

Size: A2 (23.4" x 16.5"; 59.4cm x 42cm)