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So Much More

Stylised painting of a woman holding a champagne glass and cork.

Story: You are careful and steady and sure, not one for champagne showers and flying corks, for broken window panes and damaged lamps. You open the bottle expertly: first the foil, then the metal cage and then more of a sigh than a pop. You hand me the cork as you pour two glasses, a simple gesture, like a million other little gestures between us every day. I am still holding it as you make a toast, still holding it as I take my first sip. But as we celebrate together, I feel as if bubbles are floating around me, as if my happiness is rising with a will of its own, more powerful than a blast of liquid or a flying cork. And we don't need drama and the stuff of Hollywood. Because we have so much more.

Media: Acrylic, ink, watercolour, graphite pencil and mixed media

Surface: Créa papier dessin (200gsm)

Size: 50cm x 65cm (19.69" x 25.59")