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So, Do You Think It's Going to Rain?

Semi-abstract painting of a woman in a formal gown with an umbrella.

Story: I hold my umbrella tentatively, perhaps even with a touch of disdain, for I certainly don't wish to use it on such a glamorous night as tonight. Of course, I had taken the path of caution and purchased this confection of a thing when I chose my gown – for my day-to-day umbrella just would not do – but I would look so much more elegant if I had no need to carry it!

I open the French doors, bracing myself to step out into the night, and look up to see thunderclouds as black as the lace of my gown. I wonder if I might be lucky, if they could melt away into the sky, just for tonight, or, if not that, if they might hold back their fury for just a few hours.

So, do you think it's going to rain?

Media: Acrylic and mixed media

Surface: Box canvas

Size: 16.14" x 20.08" x 0.59" (depth); 41cm x 51cm x 1.5cm (depth)