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On Account of the Puppies

A woman bends to pet a mother dog and three puppies (original painting).

Story: Are you all present and correct? Well, there's Mummy. And one, two little ones! Hold on a second! Where's number three? Ah, there you are, hiding behind your mum! Oh, do you want to play? I bet you do! You're wagging your tail already! Well, I am running a bit early. I suppose I could spare a few minutes. But you've gotta promise not to make me late this time, okay? Because I can't keep getting into trouble on your account. Not that I'm blaming you or anything. I mean, how can I? It's not your fault that you're ridiculously cute, is it? Oh, who am I kidding? I'm gonna be late again! And it'll be on account of the puppies!

Media: Ink, acrylic and graphite pencil

Surface: Cartridge paper (acid-free, 220gsm)

Size: A2 (16.5" x 23.4"; 42cm x 59.4cm)