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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

After the First Step

Original painting of a young woman sitting on the floor, the skirt of her dress spread out around her.

Story: My first step was small and tentative. If you'd seen me, you mightn't have noticed that I'd taken a step at all. But it brought me to this place where I sit on the floor in a beautiful dress, a smile playing on my lips, looking forward to my life. Okay, so it didn't exactly bring me here, but it set me on the right track. It marked the moment I decided to build a future of my own choosing. The first step was the hardest. It got easier after that.

Media: Acrylic and graphite pencil

Surface: Silver-coloured card

Size: A4 (8.27"x 11.69"; 21cm x 29.7cm)