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Diana Shaul Fine Art

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A Little Care

Painting of a woman in a gold floor-length gown watering her garden.

Story: You noticed as we were setting out for the evening, your hand migrating to the dry soil, running it through your fingers, an expression of worry crossing your face. I knew even before you asked that you'd insist there was time to water the plants. And I couldn't help but smile as you rushed to fill the watering can, an expression of peace coming over you as you ministered to the garden in your floor-length gown. And I realised that is why I love you. Because even on the most glamorous night, what matters most to you is a little care.

Media: Acrylic and graphite pencil

Surface: Cartridge paper (acid-free, 220gsm)

Size: A2 (16.5" x 23.4"; 42cm x 59.4cm)