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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

The Tasting Committee

Original cartoon featuring hedgehogs tasting cupcakes; caption: 'The Tasting Committee'.

Story: 'You're doing it all wrong!'

'There's a wrong way to eat a cupcake?'

'You're supposed to peel away the case before you taste! Are you even qualified?'

'Erm, I don't know. Are there exams?'

'Of course there are. Do you even know anything about icing? Or sponge?'

'I know I like them.'

'You haven't made any notes.'


'How are you even on this committee?'

'I'm not.'

'Then why are you here?'

'Just fancied a cupcake!'

Media: Acrylic, ink and graphite pencil

Surface: Accademia Fabriano per Artisti acid-free paper (200gsm)

Size: A4 (11.69" x 8.27"; 29.7cm x 21cm)