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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

A Balanced Meal

A cartoon hedgehog holds a cupcake in each hand; caption 'A Balanced Meal'.

Story: I heard on the news this morning that it's a good idea to make sure that each and every meal you eat is perfectly balanced. You look puzzled. Well, I didn't say I understood why meals need to be perfectly balanced. I mean, I've managed my whole life so far without ever weighing my food, and I feel perfectly healthy. But I reckon there's no harm in following the latest medical advice. So what do you think? I know one of the cupcakes is vanilla and the other is chocolate, but they weigh about the same, so I think I'm going to go ahead and eat them both. Ah, I think I could get used to this balanced meal thing!

Media: Acrylic, ink, watercolour and graphite pencil

Surface: Accademia Fabriano per Artisti acid-free paper (200gsm)

Size: A4 (11.69" x 8.27"; 29.7cm x 21cm)