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Diana Shaul Fine Art

Original Paintings and Drawings

Dancer, Unawares

A study in pastel and pencil of a ballerina caught in motion, unawares.

Story: A wisp of a lilac scarf underlines this dancer's ethereal grace, the well-defined muscles of her strong legs visible through the delicate fabric that she wears, her rich blue bodice turning white in the bright light, its contours highlighting her lithe dancer's figure, as a few soft curls escape her tightly wound braid and spring in step with her movements.

The light, almost indefinite strokes of pastel and pencil give a sense of immediacy of movement and her intimate attire makes you feel as if you might have caught a glimpse of her unawares as she gets ready, caught up in a piece of music only she can hear and surrendering to the dance.

Media: Soft pastel and graphite pencil

Surface: Pastel paper

Size: 65cm x 50cm (25.59" x 19.69")